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Custom Shirt Pricing

Custom Shirts Range from $18-20 for a single shirt

Need 3 or more? I can offer bulk pricing.

Prices depend on quantity and sizes

Contact me to get started!

Custom shirts are printed using a combo of Next Level, Bella + Canvas and Alternative Apparel. I like these because they offer a great  surface.  I am VERY picky about fabrics and fit. I choose very soft, true-to-size shirts. I like to offer fun colors.  Sizes range from toddlers to youth to adult. All are unisex. Here is a color chart. I know it's hard to see, but this is to give an idea.  I also have baby clothing available, pricing is the same, colors will vary and I use Rabbit Skins and Bella + Canvas brand.  Most colors will need to be special ordered. No additional cost to you, this will just add to lead time I need to complete the product. 


gildan color samples.JPG

Additional Information:​

  • What is considered a "custom design"? Me making a design from scratch. For example,  you want a shirt with a sloth eating pancakes... done. (Side Note: that actually sounds awesome! Coming soon, sloth eating pancakes).

  • A personalized design is when you personalized an existing design I have. For example add a name to my T-Rex with a lollipop shirt, put different text with my whiskey glasses. 

  • In between these two options are text only shirts, and customer-provides-the-design shirts. Both of these are available for the $18 per single shirt price. 

  • Additional Information, I won't copy someone else's work. I'm happy to work off of an inspiration image, but my design will be different. I won't print Disney or other franchise images. Fan art is different- I do fan art myself, but Mickey ears with a name in it is not something I will do. I'm a graphic artist, I love doing this, lets work together to create unique pieces!

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