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Gocco Printing! Yes in 2019!

You may be wondering who in still uses a print Gocco.

Me and now my 9 year old daughter, that's who.

Why? because we rule.

What the heck is a Gocco printing?

Well, glad you asked imaginary person in my head. It is the adorable all-in-one screen printing system.

I could go on to try to explain... but really here's the wiki page about it. The gist is, you can burn and print screens all from this tiny unit. They are no longer made, but at one point 1 out of 3 households in Japan had them. You can still find them on ebay and etsy, but dang you pay the price. I scored mine for a steal.

My sweetie daughter was just as excited as I was. She drew an out and added some text (okay I added the text, but she chose the font). She made about 20 quick prints.

These are seriously cute.

Soar through the night Print Gocco, soar!

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